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What does photovoltaic (PV) mean?
Photovoltaic (PV) is the process in which a material converts sunlight into electricity. The word first come to light around 1890 and it comes from the Greek words: photo, phos, meaning light and volt which refers to electricity,

Solar PV is another energy saving renewable measure to dramatically reduce your energy bills. The electricity you generate will benefit you with a drastic reduction in your electricity bills as your home will require less electricity from the national grid. Any excess electricity will flow back to the grid unless you have a battery storage system in place with your solar PV, by having a battery storage system in place you can store all electricity gained from your PV and even use it to charge your electric vehicle.


“Lower carbon means lower bills”

Using renewable energy sources such as solar PV reduces the pollution in the atmosphere and can help us move towards a lower carbon future, we are working hard installing renewables sources such as solar PV to get to net 0.

You could be eligible for a energy efficiency grant in your home which may be include a free or subsidised solar PV grant.