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Wondering whether it’s worth obtaining a boiler installation certificate? Regardless of whether you’ve lost your existing certificate or you’re having a new boiler installed soon, it’s crucial that you understand the benefits of possessing a boiler installation certificate.

Fortunately, the team of Gas Safe certified engineers at Zenith Eco Solutions have installed countless boilers in homes across the UK, all while appropriately notifying the relevant organisations, including the customer’s Local Authority and the Gas Safe Register.

Simply carry on reading to learn more about boiler installation certificates – including how you get one, whether they’re a legal requirement in the UK, and if you need one to sell your home.

Do you get a certificate with a new boiler?

Yes, if your boiler was installed by a Gas Safe certified engineer (which it should have been as it’s legal requirement for boiler engineers to be Gas Safe certified), you should receive a boiler installation certificate shortly after the new boiler has been fitted.

More formally known as a Building Regulations Compliance Certificate, this boiler installation certificate simply confirms that the boiler has been installed correctly and safely by a qualified heating engineer.

How do I get a boiler service certificate?

Typically, the Gas Safe registered engineer who installed your boiler will notify the Gas Safe Register within 30 days of fitting your new boiler, and this organisation will then get in touch with your Local Authority.

Once all the relevant parties have been notified, you should receive your boiler installation certificate, or Building Regulations Compliance Certificate, within 10-15 working days through the post.

If you’re concerned that your boiler engineer hasn’t properly notified the Local Authority or Gas Safe Register within 30 days post-installation, then you should contact the Gas Safe Register directly to check that the engineer has notified them and order a replacement boiler installation certificate, if needed.

If the engineer hasn’t notified the Gas Safe Register in a timely manner, however, then it’s worth contacting them and asking them to do so. To find out more about this process, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the boiler installation experts at Zenith Eco Solutions.

For even greater peace of mind, every boiler engineer at Zenith Eco Solutions is Gas Safe certified and all our installation work is also protected by a complimentary Insurance Backed Guarantee (IBG) for two years.

Is a boiler installation certificate a legal requirement?

In the UK, although these certificates are highly-recommended for all homeowners, there’s no legal requirement for homeowners to possess a boiler installation certificate, unless they are a landlord.

This is because landlords have certain responsibilities and must abide by the relevant building regulations – including having a Gas Safe engineer carry out an annual gas safety check for all gas appliances in the property. The tenant should then have the boiler installation certificate passed onto them for their records.

Do I need a boiler installation certificate to sell my house?

Yes, if you’re considering selling or even re-mortgaging your home in the UK, then you should ensure you possess a boiler installation certificate, so you can prove that the boiler was safely and professionally installed.

This is because the certificate belongs to the property, not the homeowner at the time of the installation, so you should keep this certificate safe even if you’re not planning on selling or re-mortgaging your property in the immediate future.

Lost your boiler installation certificate? Simply contact the Gas Safety Register directly and ask them to send you a new from their existing records.

Professional and affordable boiler installation

At Zenith Eco Solutions, you can rest assured that your new boiler installation is in safe hands as all our engineers are Gas Safe certified and have extensive experience with fitting different types of boiler models.

Thanks to years of invaluable experience fitting boilers in homes across the UK, our eco-conscious and knowledgeable team can help you to choose the most suitable type and model of boiler to meet your specific needs.

Alongside providing you with expert guidance when it comes to picking a boiler that meets your home’s particular heating and hot water requirements, we can also help you to secure your chosen boiler in an affordable way with our low-interest finance options.

If you’d like to find out more about your boiler installation options or why you should contact Zenith Eco Solutions for a more accurate boiler installation quote, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today!

While you can easily discuss your requirements with a member of our team by calling us on 0800 0548 706, you can also send us your enquiry using our convenient online contact form.

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