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Eager to replace your existing boiler, but concerned about the potential new boiler installation cost being too expensive? Before you start scouring your savings account, however, it pays to do your research.

Between the development of more energy-efficient state-of-the-art boilers and the greater availability of low-interest finance options, installing a new boiler needn’t break the bank.

In fact, at Zenith Eco Solutions, we believe quality, sustainability, and convenience shouldn’t come at the expense of affordability. To support our customers, we offer affordable payment plans and energy-saving heating solutions that help make your money to go further.

To determine how much a new boiler installation and replacement might cost you, why not contact our professional team today to receive an instant quote?

Alternatively, simply carry on reading to discover the average boiler installation costs for 2024in the UK – including the typical combi boiler installation cost as well as fitting prices for other types of boilers.

Is fitting a boiler expensive?

Naturally, your boiler installation cost will vary depending on several factors. This includes the complexity of the installation and how much work is needed, your chosen installer and their availability, and even where you live.

For this reason, the typical new boiler installation cost in the UK (not including supply) varies significantly from £1,250 – £4,000 + VAT – based on Checkatrade figures. While this may be expensive for some homeowners, it’s always worth seeking professional help from a qualified gas engineer to fit your boiler.

As most boilers use gas, if the fitter doesn’t have the necessary knowledge, training, registration, and experience to safely install boilers in the UK, then the consequences could be dire. This can include explosions, fires, and carbon monoxide leaks, to name just a few unwanted potential problems.

For your peace of mind, all the engineers at Zenith Eco Solutions are Gas Safe certified and our business is also TrustMark-registered, meaning we’re part of a government-endorsed quality scheme for trades that work in and around the home.

How much does it cost to fit a boiler in the UK?

Looking for a more accurate answer to ‘how much does it cost to install a boiler’?  For a clearer idea of the boiler install cost for an installation that meets your requirements, we explain how different homeowner needs and variable can have an impact on the price.

A boiler swap installation

For straightforward, like-for-like boiler installations, you can expect a more affordable boiler installation cost as less labour and time is required.

This type of boiler installation refers to replacing your existing boiler with another boiler that’s the same type, for example, replacing an old combi with a new combi boiler. Similarly, the new boiler would also be installed in the same spot as the previous boiler.

On average, the labour and time required to replace a combi boiler with another combi boiler will cost around £2,500 – £4,000, according to Checkatrade figures.

A boiler conversion installation

Contrary to a boiler swap installation, a boiler conversion is likely to be a more expensive job as it requires more labour and time to complete. For example, you may choose to replace your conventional boiler with a more energy-efficient combi boiler to reduce your gas bills.

In this scenario, the boiler installer would need to reconfigure the pipework setup, remove the hot water storage cylinder, and take out the water tank. This would naturally increase the time and effort required to install the new boiler, thereby increasing the price.

Checkatrade estimates an average cost of a boiler conversion installation to be between £3,000-£5,000. However, this price will vary depending on which type of boiler you want to switch to.

For example, the conversion of a conventional boiler to a combi boiler is estimated to take roughly two days and will cost in the range of £4,350, but this figure doesn’t include the price of purchasing the new combi boiler.

Similarly, they add that a system boiler to combi boiler conversion will cost on average £3,750 and take around three days to complete, while a back boiler to combi boiler conversion is the most expensive conversion job, costing around £4,600 on average.

Additional variable factors will also have an impact on these average price estimates, so it’s always advisable to contact a professional boiler installation company for an exact quote.

A boiler relocation

Keen to relocate your boiler at the same time as replacing it? There are many reasons for boiler relocation, such as freeing up space, reducing noise, and improving the aesthetic appeal of a room. However, this can contribute to a higher boiler installation cost.

For example, if you want to move a downstairs boiler in your living room to an upstairs bathroom cupboard, then an entirely new flue will need to be installed. This is because downstairs boilers release fumes via a horizontal flue, whereas upstairs boilers tend be fitted with a vertical flue to vent fumes out through the loft.

Whether you opt for a boiler switch or conversion alongside a relocation will also impact the overall boiler installation cost. For a straightforward boiler relocation, Checkatrade figures estimate an average cost of anywhere between £900-£3,000.

The complexity of the boiler relocation will have a significant impact on the price as more difficult jobs typically require more time and labour, so it’s always worth bearing this in mind when contacting installation companies and asking for a quote.

How much does boiler conversion cost?

Due to the additional time and labour required, boiler conversion is one of the more expensive boiler installation jobs. If you’re paying your boiler installer by the hour or day, conversions can be a pricier job as it takes 1.5-2 days of labour on average (according to Checkatrade) to convert a conventional boiler to a combi boiler.

Like-for-like boiler installations, on the other hand, take just 4-6 hours on average. As a result, if you’re paying your boiler engineer the average rate of £300 per day, you can expect to spend roughly double on the installation alone if you choose a conversion over a like-for-like installation.

While these figures may encourage you to opt for a like-for-like boiler installation, it’s crucial that you don’t overlook the potential long-term savings of choosing a more efficient type of boiler than your existing boiler.

Fortunately, the expert team at Zenith Eco Solutions are pioneering the transition to more eco-friendly and renewable heating solutions, so we can help you to make eco-conscious decisions and keep you in control of both your carbon footprint and energy bills.

To find out more about how we can help or to receive an instant quote, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today by giving us a call on 0800 0548 706.

Which boiler costs the most to install?

According to Checkatrade, the most expensive boiler to purchase and install is a manual-fed biomass boiler which on average costs between £8,250 and £11,000 plus VAT. The installation alone of a biomass boiler has an average cost of around £8,000 in the UK, so they are a significant investment.

However, these boilers are also sustainable and cost-effective. Fuelled by an affordable and renewable source of energy (typically wood pellets, wood chips, or wood logs) and producing far less carbon dioxide than the burning of traditional fossil fuels, biomass boilers are a popular option for both the eco-conscious and financially frugal.

While the outlay costs may seem expensive, there could be long-term benefits to installing a biomass boiler that make this initial expenditure worth it. However, it’s always worth discussing your specific requirements with a professional, like the Zenith Eco Solutions team, to ensure you receive good value for your money.

Which boiler costs the least to install?

Keen to keep boiler installation costs as low as possible? Then you may want to consider installing an LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) boiler. Based on information published by Checkatrade, the average cost of supplying and fitting an LPG boiler is between £2,200 and £4,950 plus VAT.

While the installation cost of an LPG boiler is similar to other types of boilers, the cost of the LPG boiler itself is typically much more affordable than natural gas or oil boilers. You can purchase basic LPG boilers for less than £500, which means an overall lower cost when replacing your existing boiler.

However, it’s important to note that while these boilers are incredibly efficient, they do have a higher fuel cost than other boilers on the market which can build up in the long-term. Discussing your needs with an expert can help you to choose the most suitable type of boiler for both your budget and home.

What costs are included in boiler replacement?

When determining how much it’ll cost to install a boiler in your home, it’s crucial that you understand which costs are included and which aren’t. Will your boiler installer dispose of your old boiler? Is your new boiler covered with a warranty? Does their quote include boiler supply as well as installation?

Unfortunately, what’s included in your boiler installation and replacement quote will naturally vary depending on your chosen supplier and arrangement. However, there are certain tasks that your engineer should be doing at every install.

For example, if you’ve opted for a boiler with a hot water and cold water storage tank, your engineer should handle this setup and connection, so you don’t needn’t worry about enlisting help from a plumber, too. Similarly, if you need a storage tank removing as part of the new boiler install, their service should cover this, too.

If you’re unsure about exactly what’s included in the cost to install a boiler, ask your boiler installer for a breakdown in their quote. This should outline whether their price includes boiler supply, boiler relocation, the removal of your old boiler, and whether you’ll be covered by any kind of warranty.

What costs are included in boiler replacement at Zenith Eco Solutions?

At Zenith Eco Solutions, our new boiler installation and replacement costs are comprehensive for your peace of mind, covering three key areas – survey, installation, and aftercare.


At the survey stage, you’ll be visited by one of our friendly and knowledgeable heating advisors at a convenient date and time.

We’ll help you to choose the most appropriate boiler to replace your current model and meet your specific heating and hot water requirements, as well as identify the best installation location in your home, and schedule a date to carry out the installation.

Once we’ve discussed your options and you’re happy with your chosen arrangement, we’ll provide you with an overview of the boiler installation process and ensure all the relevant paperwork has been completed.

Boiler installation

Upon the day of boiler installation, our qualified Gas Safe certified engineers will install your new boiler as agreed, clean up any mess made during the process, and even agree a date to pick up your old boiler.


For even greater reassurance, we provide exceptional aftercare for each and every boiler installation in the form of a full manufacturer warranty and Insurance Backed Guarantee (IBG). This IBG last two years and we’ll even insure your deposit for 90 days for your peace of mind.

Contact Zenith Eco Solutions to receive an instant quote

Has your boiler been breaking down more frequently over the past few years? Or maybe you want to replace your existing boiler with a model that’s a lot more energy efficient to help keep a cap on your utility bills.

Regardless of why you might want to learn more about the cost of installing a new boiler, you can trust the forward-thinking and eco-conscious team at Zenith Eco Solutions to provide you with high-quality and reliable solutions.

Our expert team of Gas Safe certified engineers can guide you through the entire boiler replacement and installation process. From helping you to choose between various state-of-the-art boilers to picking the best location for the boiler install in your home, we’ll be there every step of the way.

Plus, we provide many low-interest finance options that can be specially tailored to meet your specific needs, ensuring your family can benefit from a high-quality boiler at an affordable price. Find your eligibility for a boiler grant in just 60 seconds with our eligibility calculator

If you’d like to find out more about boiler installation costs at Zenith Eco Solutions or want to receive a more accurate quote for your new boiler installation, please don’t hesitate to contact our professional team today.

You can reach out by either filling out our convenient online contact form or calling our office on 0800 0548 706.

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