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Government Energy Support Amid Rising Prices

With energy prices reaching unprecedented levels, it’s essential for UK households to be aware of the available government-funded grants and freebies. This guide will delve into the comprehensive support packages, particularly relevant in light of the 2023/24 cost of living crisis.

Overview of Available Energy Grants and Freebies

Cost of Living Support

  • Amount: £900, divided into three payments.
  • Eligibility: Available to households on certain means-tested benefits.
  • Payment Dates: The first payment of £301 was issued between April 25 and May 17, 2023. The second payment of £300 will be distributed between October 31 and November 19, 2023. The final instalment of £299 is scheduled for Spring 2024.

Disability Cost of Living Support

  • Amount: A one-off payment of £150.
  • Eligibility: Those receiving certain disability benefits are eligible.
  • Payment Date: The payment was issued between June 20 and July 4, 2023.

Scottish Child Winter Heating Payment

  • Amount: £235.70 per eligible child.
  • Eligibility: Scottish children under 19 receiving specific disability benefits.
  • Payment Date: Payments start from October 2023.

Winter Fuel Payment

  • Amount: Up to £600, depending on age and living situation.
  • Eligibility: Households with at least one person born before September 25, 1957.
  • Payment Date: Payments are made in November or December 2023.

Cold Weather Payment

  • Amount: £25 for each week of sub-zero temperatures.
  • Eligibility: Available in England and Wales for those on pension credit and certain other benefits.
  • Payment Period: Between November and March, within 14 days of a qualifying cold weather period.

Winter Heating Payment in Scotland

  • Amount: £55.05 for eligible households.
  • Eligibility: 400,000 low-income households in Scotland.
  • Payment Date: February 2024.

Warm Home Discount

  • Amount: A £150 discount on energy bills.
  • Eligibility: Those in receipt of certain means-tested benefits.
  • Payment Date: By March 31, 2024.

How to Access These Grants

For most of these grants, the payments are made automatically to those who are eligible. If you believe you are eligible but have not received a payment, it’s crucial to contact the relevant government department. For the Warm Home Discount, some may need to apply directly with their energy supplier.

Maximizing Your Energy Efficiency

In addition to these direct financial supports, there are several schemes aimed at improving home energy efficiency. These include:

  • Free Insulation and Boiler Grants: Offered by most UK energy suppliers under the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme.
  • Boiler Upgrade Scheme: Provides up to £7,500 towards replacing old boilers with more energy-efficient models.

Additional Support Schemes

  • Disabled Facilities Grant: Offers up to £30,000 in England, £36,000 in Wales, and £25,000 in Northern Ireland for home adaptations for disabled individuals.
  • Local Council Support: Many local councils offer additional support through the Household Support Fund.

Local Council Support and Services

Local councils play a pivotal role in providing additional support. This includes the Household Support Fund and services like the handy person service offered by Age UK, which assists with small home repairs and improvements.


As energy costs continue to rise, it’s more important than ever for households to be aware of the support available to them. We encourage all eligible individuals and families to explore these options to help manage their energy costs during these challenging times.

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